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GLaSS flyer - version February 2016

GLaSS policy brief - version February 2016

GLaSS-S3VT introduction presentation of the GLaSS-S3VT team

GLaSS inland water protocols

GLaSS Final report

Deliverable reports

Data, algorithms and tools

Deliverable 3.1: Initial test datasets

Deliverable 3.2: Atmospheric correction harmonisation

Deliverable 3.3: Optical pre-classification method

Deliverable 3.4: Adapted water quality algorithms

Deliverable 3.5 Automatic ROI & time series generation tool

Deliverable 3.6 Data mining BEAM module

The OWT tool (D3.3) and the prediction tool (D3.6) are available as plugin in the BEAM software


Deliverable 4.2 Validation report for nearby lakes

Deliverable 4.3 Validation report for European lakes (HYPE model)

Global Lakes case studies

Deliverable 5.1 Selection of case study lakes based on Socio Economic context;

Deliverable 5.2 Shallow lakes with high eutrophication and potentially toxic algae;

Deliverable 5.3 Deep clear lakes with increasing eutrophication;

Deliverable 5.4 Shallow lakes with low transparency due to sediment resuspension;

Deliverable 5.5 Boreal lakes case study results;

Deliverable 5.6 Mine tailing ponds;

Deliverable 5.7 Water Framework Directive reporting case studies;


The core system is accessible via this url

The in situ data of GLaSS is (in the process of being) submitted to LIMNADES

The simulated data (D3.1) is available on request.

Scientific publications

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GLaSS Newsletter 1, Juni 2014

GLaSS Newsletter 2, December 2014

GLaSS Newsletter 3, June 2015

GLaSS Newsletter 4, December 2015

GLaSS Newsletter 5, April 2016

Other documents

Presentation Evaluating the Feasibility of Systematic Inland Water Quality - Monitoring with Satellite Remote Sensing by Advisory Board member Prof. Dekker