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The objective of WP6 is to develop courseware for training and educational support.

The following training materials will be developed:

On-line training module on the handling of Sentinel-2 and 3 data

Preparation of a user-friendly documentation/training handout for data formats, data visualization, analysis and processing targeted at researchers that want to work with the raw data and the higher level data 

On-line training module for the data mining tools

This will include the steps from data analysis, modeling, validation and model application. It will be demonstrated by selected use cases from the global demonstration studies.

GIS course material

In WP4 and WP5, GLaSS products we be validated and a large number of global lakes in various classes will be monitored. Time series for these lakes will be collected, analysed and documented. The information and data generated in these Tasks serves as the base for the generation of course material. Digital and printed study materials including specially developed study notes, guided readings, examples, and practical exercises will be created.

Integration of training modules and course materials in a course at Masters/PhD level

Selected materials from the online training modules and the validation and demonstration studies will be integrated to form a consistent and self-contained course for M.Sc./Ph.D. level students

The training material is available via this website.